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One short link, awesome results!

Short links are awesome. When used correctly your link becomes a powerful tool for your business and marketing strategy. It allows you to collect data about your visitors and potential customers.

Smart Targeting

Target your visitors and redirect them to your landing pages. You can add tracking pixels to retarget your customers' ins social media campaigns.

Advanced Analytics

Track your short link stats and measure your marketing campaigns performance. Reach more people and know which platform works better.

Increase Conversion

Our powerful link management tools will help you rich link-level data and give you essential insights and control for your link engagement.

Enhaced bio profiles for you and your brand

For many social profiles you can add one link, so make it work for you! Our bio profiles will let you add links, texts, videos and even purchase buttons. All available for you to boost your brand.

  • Beautiful Profiles
  • Redirection Tools
  • Powerful Statistics
Enhaced bio profiles for you and your brand
Ultimate tools that work

We provide ultimate tools to reach your visitors and understand their behavior. You can use that tools and data for smart retargeting.

  • Enhanced Dashboard
  • Link Management
  • Privacy Control
Ultimate tools that work
Trackable QR-codes
Trackable QR-codes

Customizable QR-codes for your links, social profiles and marketing campaigns. Analyze what visitors scans more and make better dicisions to optimize your marketing strategy.

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Count clicks and improve

Every link and every click counts. To improve your products and services you must be in control and know your visitors preferrences. Our tools will help you boost your product and track results suing advanced third-party tools.

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Loaded with must-have features

Custom Landing Page

Custom redirecting pages to promote your products and services, reach more customers and make your advertising work.

Call-To-Action Overlays

Create custom overlays on link redirection. Add contact forms, polls, messages, subscription forms, images, and more...

Event Tracking

Adding custom tracking pixels allows you to track events and make your short link and retarget campaigns even more powerful.

Team Management

Great for business and teams. You can invite team members, assign them privileges and let them manage your links.

Custom Domain Names

Own your branded links. Add your domain or subdomain for your short links and make your brand name even more trustworthy.

Developer API

Our powerful and documented Developers API will help you integrate and extend your applications easily.

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